Photo OPPS




Whenever I’m in nature with my camera, I feel wonderfully overwhelmed with empowerment and creativity. I am touched by what I see and feel in the moment of creating the photograph. It doesn’t end there. That is only the beginning. Once the photograph is printed, I look and wait for what it reveals about my thoughts, feelings and dreams. Empowerment and creativity are powerful mental health allies.

One of my dreams has been to offer my clients this out of the box opportunity to experience empowerment and creativity. It happens as you are encouraged to explore your feelings, thoughts and dreams through your captured moments in time. I am empowered and creative when I’m out ‘n about in nature capturing my moments in time. I invite you to Discover yourself anew with the joy of Creativity and Empowerment through photography. Capture moments that reflect a feeling, a thought. Explore what about that image caught your eye. It may be a momentary glance or you may allow your eye to wander into the image and let it speak to you about yourself, a relationship, a dream.

Photo OPPS is not about learning about your camera; it is about reflecting and discovering who you are and what you feel and see when you look through your viewfinder. It is abou Discovering and Celebrating your Empowerment and Creativity!





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